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    Central South University and University of Tours Signed a Cooperation Agreement
    November 8, 2017Click:

    On the afternoon of Oct. 25, a delegation of University of Tours consisting of 3 members and led by Prof. Philippe Vendrix, President of University of Tours, visited the Central South University, together with Sebastien BEDE and Li Dan, two commissioners for Higher Education Cooperation of Consulate General of France in Wuhan. Tian Hongqi, Huang Jianjun, and other leaders of CSU, attended the meeting ceremony and signed a cooperation agreement with the University of Tours. Bai Yi, Director of International Office, hosted the meeting.


    President Tian Hongqi extended a warm welcome to Prof. Philippe Vendrix and his group on behalf of CSU. She briefed the development history and the status quo of CSU and extended her hope for a deeper cooperation between the two universities. Prof. Philippe Vendrix said that there are many similarities between Central South University and University of Tours, and suggested cooperation on French language and medicine along withpractical suggestions.

    At the meeting, the two universities signed a cooperation agreement under which they will jointly organize teaching and research activities, share literatures and publications and perform exchange programs for scholars and students for the purpose of teaching and research. The two sides agreed, with consideration for their available resources and funds, to negotiate on the subject of cooperation project and conditions for exchange and further refine the implementation scheme and the fund raising method.


    Founded in 1970, the University of Tours is located in Tours, a city with a time-honored university town, especially in medicine field. The University of Tours is a multidisciplinary university which has a broad rangeofeducation courses and research programs. Over 50 disciplines, from traditional disciplines to those involving vocational education and cutting-edge technology, are concentrated in 7 department-level teaching and research units (UFR), i.e. Department of Arts and Humanities, Center for Advanced Renaissance Studies, College of Law, Social Sciences and Economics, Department of Literature and Language, Department of Medicine, Department of Pharmacy, and Department of Science and Technology, 2 institutes of engineers (production, production science, computer information science, planning and restoration), and 2 technologic institutes of university (IUT). It has established 43 research teams and organizations, 16 of which cooperate with the large-scale research institutes including French National Scientific Research Center (CNRS), French National Institute for Health and Medical Research (INSERM), French National Institute for Agriculture (INRA), French Atomic Energy Commission (CEA). Major scientific research activities mainly take place in two doctoral graduate schools corresponding to two key research fields, i.e. School of Health, Science and Technology and School of Humanities and Social Sciences.

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