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    CSU New Year Symphony Concert Held in the Meixihu Poly Grand Theatre
    January 5, 2018Click:

    On the evening of Dec. 23, the CSU New Year Symphony Concert sponsored by CSU and organized by the CSU Students Art Troupe was held in the Meixihu Poly Grand Theatre.Over one thousand teachers and students gathered together to enjoy this music feast presented by the student symphony orchestra of CSU and welcome the arrival of the new year.

    The performance was conducted by Mr. Xiao Ming, a national first-class conductor, head and music director of Hunan Symphony Orchestra and part-time professor of CSU, with Jiang Yu, a master graduate of CSU in 2017, as guest conductor. Ode to Red Flag, grand and magnificent, introduced the concert, a start signal of the new year journey, which created an upsurge of emotion in the audience with the majestic melody and sonorous and forceful triplet; Blue Danube, a soft and jubilant ensemble symbolizing the vitality of Vienna, intoxicated the audience, with that warmth roused inside on the cold winter day and the lifelike presentation of the distant and mysterious river; My Motherland released the audience’s patriotism and the second and the fourth movements of Yellow River, a piano concerto, solely played by Shi Jian further lifted their patriotism emotion to a higher level; Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai solely played by Zeng Haofan achieved a perfect fusion of western musical instruments and oriental charm, with its beautiful melody making the audience reflect on the meaning of love; Sai Nai Mu Rhapsody showed the audience a vast expanse of prairie with its unique exotic charm and expressed the Uighur people’s best wishes for the prosperity of our motherland.With their superb playing skills, the troupe members brought the audience to one after another wonderful music world and won a hurricane of applause each time a track came to an end.

    It is worth mentioning that How Can I Forget Him “appeared” again as a symphony. This track, composed by Mr. Zhao Yuanren, father of China’s modern linguistics, is the milestone marking the beginning of China’s history of modern music. To inherit this art treasure, CSU specially invited Prof. Wang Hesheng, a national first-class composer from the Military Band of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, to rearrange this track to a symphony which was exclusively played by the student symphony orchestra of CSU. Mr. Zhao Yuanren has a long relationship with CSU. His second daughter Zhao Xinna is a professor of the Department of Chemistry of CSU and the wife of Academician Huang Peiyun, the founder of powder metallurgy of China. The couple has made great contribution to the founding and development of CSU.As the 100th anniversary of Academician Huang Peiyun’s birthday is around the corner, this symphony version ofHow Can IForget Him indulged the CSUs into the memory of the past extraordinary times.

    In recent years, CSU has comprehensively developed cultural quality education to promote its connotative development. Taking the opportunity of the “CSU Culture” Breeding Project, CSU has introduced every year more than 20 “high art into campus” activities as part of the “Elegance of CSU” program and organized great artists to deliver over one hundred lectures on humanities which are welcomed by students.Meanwhile, CSU has created an aesthetic culture exchange brand to present its educational results. Symphony has become an artcardfor the students of CSU and even the whole Hunan Province and been incorporated into the “high art into campus” project library of the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Culture, and the Ministry of Finance, providing a colorful stage for students to practice and promote quality-oriented education.

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