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    Yi Hong and His Delegation Visit Hungary and Serbia
    September 21, 2018Click:

    Inspired by China's Belt and Road Initiative and Hungary's “opening towards the east” policy, Yi Hong, the CPC Secretary of CSU, and his delegation paid an eight-day working visit to Hungary and Serbia from September 12 to 19, in order to promote cultural exchanges between China and Europe and increase cooperation with higher education institutes in Eastern Europe.

    Accompanied by Cao Heping, the Chinese Executive Chairman of the Hungarian-Chinese Friendship Association and a visiting professor of CSU, Yi Hong and his delegation visited the Budapest University of Economics and Technology, theSemmelweis University in Hungary, the University of Novi Sad and the Confucius Institute at University of Novi Sad in Serbia. Based on the principle of mutual benefit, Yi Hong signed a framework cooperation agreement with the Budapest University of Economics and Technology, the Semmelweis University and the University of Novi Sad respectively to promote cooperation in student and teacher exchanges, scientific research, international programs, etc. Through talks, CSU reached a concrete consensus on the future cooperation with these universities. The priorities in cooperation with the Budapest University of Economics and Technology are medicine, life sciences, quantum biology, artificial intelligence, medical big data; those in cooperation with the Semmelweis University are biology education and research, health services, Chinese medicine treatment, hospital management, medical quality, and the establishment of a China-Hungary joint university laboratory (research center); and those in cooperation with the University of Novi Sad are student exchanges.

    During his visit to Hungary, Yi Hong and his delegation also called on Duan Jielong, the Chinese Ambassador to Hungary, at Duan's invitation and briefed him on the contents of the agreements signed by CSU and Hungarian universities and their cooperation areas. Mr. Duan thought highly of non-governmental exchanges between China and Hungary, especially those between Chinese and Hungarian universities, and expressed his willingness to provide convenience and support for the cooperation between CSU and Hungarian universities. In addition, Mr. Pester, the President of the Hungarian Association ofCharacteristic Economy, a Member of Hungarian Parliament and a visiting professor of CSU, officially met with the CSU delegation in the Hungarian Parliament Building and held a grand welcome dinner.

    The heads of the Graduate School, the Office of International Cooperation and Exchanges, the School of Information Science and Engineering, and the Xiangya School of Basic Medical Science joined the delegation.

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