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    CSU Sends 512 Xiangya Medical Workers to Support NCP Prevention & Control Frontline
    February 13, 2020Click:

    On the afternoon of February 8, 2019, Xiangya sent another medical team composed of 260 medical workers from the Second Xiangya Hospital and Third Xiangya Hospital of Central South University (CSU) to Wuhan. So far, according to the incomplete statistics, Xiangya has sent total 512 medical workers to support the Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia (NCP) prevention and control frontline, among which 443 medical workers have rushed to Hubei Province.

    From 27 confirmed cases on December 31, 2019 to 34,661 on February 7, 2020, this is a battle for life. The epidemic is order and prevention & control is duty. Xiangya people, who take “healing the wounded and rescuing the dying” as their first duty, have paid close attention to the development of epidemic from the very beginning and are well prepared for this battle.

    On January 21, Professor Wu Anhua, an expert of infection control from Xiangya Hospital, immediately joined other experts in Wuhan to formulate a guideline of epidemic prevention & control technology within medical Institutions for infection prevention & control works and individual prevention of doctors.

    on January 26, the second day of Gengzi Year in Chinese lunar calendar, Xiangya Hospital CSU sent a national medical team composed of 5 nurse specialists in great haste to support NCP prevention & control works in Hubei Province.

    On January 27,the third day of Chinese New Year, the Second Xiangya Hospital CSU send out a national medical team composed of 5 blood purification nurse to Wuhan.

    on February 4,a national emergency medical rescue team including 42 team members and 10 medical rescue vehicles loaded with rescue equipment and instrument sent by the Second Xiangya Hospital CSU concentrated and rushed to Wuhan for rescue.

    On February 7, a 130-person medical team from Xiangya Hospital set out; on February 8, the Second Hospital and Third Hospital CSU organized a 130-person medical team respectively to support the epidemic prevention & control works in Hubei again.

    Besides, with the expansion of epidemic, in addition to own clinical reception and treatment, the Third Xiangya Hospital CSU has sent 8 persons to the high-level treatment expert team in Hunan Province, 31 persons to Hunan Province’s tour expert team to guide epidemic prevention & control in 14 regions, cities and prefectures, 28 persons to work in Changsha Public Health Treatment Center, and 2 persons to support epidemic prevention & control in Guangxi and Hainan separately.

    In face of epidemic, people from Xiangya Hospital CSU rushed to the frontline of battle to defend lives without hesitation. They said: “using our knowledge to serve our country is the duty of doctors” and “protecting patients is our bounden duty”.

    Source: News Center

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